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Til Guyen
Til Guyen
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Birthday Massage  
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Daru - Gamma Correction

Simply Beautiful
Simply Beautiful


Simply Beautiful
Description: Hey everyone! It's been a while, no? I've been back from Japan for a month, and I had a blast while I was there. (I know I offered up photos for those with interest, and I've not yet figured out what to do with them. If I post them here, they'll push all my renders off the page. I thought of starting up a parallel gallery, but I want to see if I can figure out how to make it share the same user database first.) Unfortunately, those happy thoughts have been pushed into the past.

I did this simple render over the weekend to help get my mind off of the loss of my cat. I needed something good and beautiful to look at. I planned to write about him in this post, but it got too long so I may do it separately.

So, for now, enjoy this simple picture of Daru. I'll try to do something more interesting next time.
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Date: 05/25/2010 01:48 AM
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Added by: Giolon

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Join Date: 03/12/2010
Comments: 25
Same old Daru. Same old costume. Still Beautiful.

Great perspective. Great pose. Love the shadowing effects. Well worth the wait, I think.
05/25/2010 10:56 AM Offline Battleship_Agincourt

Join Date: 03/12/2010
Comments: 25
After actually reading the description...

I guess I wondered about the other item from the update, but that answers that.

I'm sorry about the loss of your little friend. I lost my own cat unexpectedly and it does really impact a person, so I know what you feel.

Thank-you for this update. I know you go to a lot of time for these pieces.
05/25/2010 11:02 AM Offline Battleship_Agincourt
nice pic

hay i have a dog!
05/26/2010 10:58 PM  

Join Date: 04/05/2009
Comments: 5
O __ o (pass's out)
05/27/2010 02:52 PM Offline xboxomen

Join Date: 05/23/2010
Comments: 11

very nice indeed.
sorry i'm new here btw. as in new member.
i've been following your site for some years now and i've always enjoyed watching your artworks.
anyways. i love this one. Daru has always been my fave, and again you made one fine piece of art.
05/27/2010 03:18 PM Offline Rhapsodos
Boomerang Flash

Join Date: 02/23/2010
Comments: 9
Interesting enough.

Hey don't worry about the image being "interesting", as long as it's good. And your work is ALWAYS good. I know you've said that Daru is your favorite, so I'm sure doing an image like this helps if you're feeling down. Besides, Star Wars geeks never get tired of that Slave Leia outfit.
05/28/2010 04:57 AM Offline Boomerang Flash

Join Date: 05/16/2009
Comments: 44

Great pose, we haven't seen it before in other images. Shadowing effects look awesome as well and the high-res picture is brilliant. Daru is stunning as always. ;) Keep up the good work!
05/28/2010 07:27 AM Offline Jawaman

Join Date: 04/06/2009
Comments: 38

I like the kneeling pose.
05/31/2010 12:41 AM Offline Impious

Join Date: 05/22/2006
Comments: 187

Welcome back, Giolon. I'm glad you had a great time in Japan. I'm sorry to hear that you suffered the loss of your cat at the same time.

This is a lovely looking picture of Daru! You need not apologise for not making the picture look interesting. Actually, it couldn't be further from the truth. She might not be in a splendid scene but sometimes it is the simple pictures that please the eye (and the mind). Having something simple often allows you to truly focus your attention on the person in the picture. As is the case with Daru here, she becomes the scene.

This is a beautiful picture of her. She looks pretty, sweet, sexy and adorable. Seeing the way she is looking at you and smiling, with her head tilted to one side, gives her a cuteness that makes me want to cuddle her and whisper gently into her ear, telling her how beautiful she is.

Looking at the high res version of the picture makes that even more apparent when you look into her eyes. She also has great looking, glossy lips.

Another thing any keen viewer couldn't fail to notice is her delightful looking cleavage. The chain definitely emphasises on this as it curves down and then nestles in between her breasts. All in all, they really are a delicious pair of blueberry muffins. :)

Finally, sorry it has taken me this long to comment on this picture. I have been unwell so haven't been on the PC for some time.
06/08/2010 03:26 AM Offline Solaris_Wave Solaris_Wave at

Join Date: 04/06/2009
Comments: 38

Has anyone heard anything from Last Days of Humanity's Putrefaction in Progress? XD
06/25/2010 01:48 AM Offline Impious

Join Date: 03/12/2010
Comments: 25
Might as well comment again.

I don't know. It's just been a while since I've commented, so I figured one can never extend too much praise for pieces like these.

What can I say? The slave Leia bikini never gets old. It might be great to see it on Ciel at some point... mixing and matching would most certainly be to my liking. Or are these digital props only able to conform to a particular model?

Can't wait to see your next creation.
07/23/2010 07:17 PM Offline Battleship_Agincourt

Join Date: 05/12/2006
Comments: 144
RE: outfits

I've tossed around the idea of doing an oufit swap between my Twi'lek girls (it's entirely possible to do), but there's always the matter of who gets what outfit? I have a feeling I know which outfit most people want on Lana...
07/23/2010 07:50 PM Offline Giolon giolon at

beautiful art!
02/22/2011 06:57 PM  

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Birthday Massage  
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Daru - Gamma Correction


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