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Rocket Girls - Enter Callia
Rocket Girls - Enter Callia
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Infectious Halloween  
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Trick or Treat, Soldier!

2008 Year in Review
2008 Year in Review


2008 Year in Review
Description: Another year comes to a close, so it's time again to take a look back at what I've produced during that time. Here is the statistical breakdown:
  • 6 images of Daru

  • 2 images of Human Daru

  • 1 image of Human Oola

  • 1 image of Rena

  • 1 image of Ciel

  • 2 images of Lana

  • 1 image of Human Lana

  • 1 image of Max

  • 1 animation of Max

  • 4 images of newcomer Shina

  • 2 images of other characters

2008 turned out to be a year of disappointments for me. Why? I didn't have any catastrophic computer failures (maybe I'd better not speak too soon, 2008 has a few hours left). RadiantCG saw itself climb its way up the Renderosity affiliate ladder from 11th to 5th place. I tackled an animation! I experimented with new layouts and techniques. I completed my "Just" series of images, and created my favorite image of Rena to date! So where's the disappointment?

To start with, it's the lack of any "big hits" on Renderosity this year. In 2006 and 2007, I managed to come up with several images that were popular enough to put me on the art charts. This year, there was one occasion back in January. While on some level, simply creating these artworks is gratifying enough, it had been nice to occasionally receive even that small artificial bit of community recognition.

Next there is the fact that I produced fewer images in 2008 than 2007 (21 vs 31). I had hoped to create more this year than last, but I just didn't do it. Additionally I had hoped to do more animation this year than the single one of Max at the start. What was it that kept me back? I really couldn't say. I don't know that I was necessarily busier this year than last. I guess other interests just kept me sufficiently away from Poser.

Finally, I am disappointed that my V3 girls are starting to show their age. Not only have new outfits for V3 have basically dropped off the radar, the combination stores like RMP cleaning house of "old" products, the closure of PoserPros, and the constant reshuffling of merchants between online stores and dropping old products in the process has made obtaining new great outfits for my V3 girls all but impossible, leaving me to purchase V4 outfits and convert them with Wardrobe Wizard and Cross Dresser to fit the old gals. The results of conversion sometimes work better than others.

V4 is the new hotness on the scene, and the quality of the resources to use with her has skyrocketed this year. This makes it all the more obvious every time I drag my V3 girls back out into the rendering spotlight that their polygonal, rigging, and textural deficiencies stand out more and more. The character particularly affected by this is Daru. Her skin textures date to V2, converted to fit V3. There's only so much I can do to pretty her up with shader nodes and image filtering.

But that's not to say I'm all doom and gloom! For 2009, I hope to get Daru animated, create a Zabrak image, get back to Deliah Blue, bring back Oola, bring back Ciel more often, bring back Rena more often, find out if Shina really is a Busty Elf in Peril, get Kaiya back into the spotlight, give Kaiya and Shina new friends, use more scenery, and of course keep up the high quality of the images I create.

This has turned out somewhat long, and if you've read this whole thing, I thank you.

One again, thank you for looking and especially to those of you who take the time to leave comments. They mean a lot to me.

Happy New Year everybody!

Date: 12/31/2008 01:50 AM
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Rating: 4.80 (5 Vote(s))
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Added by: Giolon

Author: Comment:

First off, good luck in the new year. I am sure that it's going to be fun.
Second, I wonder if you ever did get to that Talon project that you said you might do?
12/31/2008 12:19 PM  

Join Date: 05/12/2006
Comments: 144
Darth Talon

I still would like to do a Darth Talon image, but I'm not sure my tattoong skills are there yet. I'll keep trying though (a zabrak will make good practice, Shina was practice too since I did her tattoos myself), and maybe 2009 can be the year for her to show up. I got some Knights of the Old Republic TPBs for Christmas so now I'm interested in doing Jarael too. And there's always Mission Vao...
12/31/2008 12:58 PM Offline Giolon giolon at

Looking foward to more great pictures from you Giolon! Especially the Twilek Daru, she's my favorite :D

Happy New Year and keep up the amazing work!
12/31/2008 08:18 PM  
Very Nice

Yay for a Zabrak image! *grin* Your girls are gorgeous, and I can't wait to see what you can do with a Zabrak!
01/01/2009 12:41 PM  

Join Date: 05/22/2006
Comments: 187

I suppose it depends on the kind of viewer at Renderosity and whether they appreciate the subject matter in the first place. That does have a deciding factor. If a certain theme doesn't interest me as much, I am less likely to view it. I won't blank it out completely but I will be less interested. To give an example, I am more interested in seeing a sci-fi image than I am seeing a fairy holding a rose, no matter how good that picture looks. That's probably a "guy thing" though.

How well are your images received on Star Wars sites? I did see one site that you frequent at some point in the past and it looked like your images were well received there.

Another thing to possibly consider is whether fans of your work just look here at your own site instead of Renderosity. I always look here before I do at Renderosity for your images because I know I will see them at their finest. That means, I often skip viewing them at Rendo, especially because there are so many images in general to view in too short a space of time. I mentioned this to Chimera actually. It is one of the reasons I no longer comment at Renderosity and just stick to Renderotica for commenting on people's work. There is so many uploads, that I was spending so much time just viewing everything. If I missed a week's worth of images, I would be there for a few hours!

Regarding your fewer images this year, yes that is true. However, you have produced some superb images this year. That isn't to say you have not created superb images in the years that have passed, just the fact that you have made some real gems. Your images of Daru are excellent, you created another fantastically sexy picture of Ciel. You also created Shina this year and she looks dynamite!

Regarding the age of your characters and the fact that they are V3 models, I must say that I never notice when I look at the art. It is obviously something more noticable to you as you create each piece of art and manipulate the character models. They have definitely improved over the course of time though. Just thinking about the outfits, you can see how much better Daru's slave outfit looks in more recent images compared to her initial ones. Not to the point where the old ones aren't lovely to look at anymore, but just that the materials look a bit more luxurious.

If you go with V4, what will happen to your girls? How will they look? Will they look different in some way, like with their faces or their figure that we have come to admire? Will Daru not look like Daru but a different form of her? A slightly different face but with the same skin colour? I am only asking questions here, nothing more. As an art viewer, I don't know how the tools work.

If you wish to have a crack at Darth Talon, I can help you out there with some important source material. However, you might have been beaten to the punch. There is an artist by the name of DarthHell who is on Renderotica and he produced a great looking image of Darth Talon. It was only a Work In Progress at the time and I then provided him with every image and scan I had of her (the tattoos are very tricky). His latest images of her are spectacular, not just with the tattoos but how he has adjusted her face, lips, eyes and body to better match how she looks in the comic. Still, if you wish to have a go, then let me know as I will be happy to help out.

How about trying to do Yuthura Ban from Knights Of The Old Republic? She was a great looking Twi'lek. Purple skin, dark purple tattoos and purple eyes. Could be a interesting challenge. She would look different enough to Ciel as well, despite having the same general skin colour.

Thinking about Shina again, when you say finding out whether she is a Busty Elf In Peril, do you mean in the Chimera sense or something different? If in the sense of Chimera's Busty Elves, wouldn't you need to put that on a different site to RadiantCG? They do end up in rather...ahem...saucy encounters.

How about a new site for certain things of that nature? How about ReallyRadiantCG? (joke)

Anyway, I think you did a great job with 2008's images and I wouldn't worry too much about there being less hits or less work produced. My opinion of your work has certainly not waned in any way whatsoever. I think that goes for everyone else that comments here too; except for those that are a little too pessimistic.

I reckon 2009 will reveal art of yours just as great as the years that precede it.
01/04/2009 03:16 PM Offline Solaris_Wave Solaris_Wave at

Join Date: 05/12/2006
Comments: 144

I did fear my comments came off as a little too pessimistic. I wanted to highlight some of my favorite images as I did last year to help offset that, but I simply ran out of room on Renderosity. Perhaps I should have here since I have no restrictions in place, but it already got kind of long. Simply mentioning them had to do. The aspect of my work's reception at Renderosity is only a minor one. It was just a bit disappointing not to make any of those knockout hits in 2008 (by my meager standards anyway).

As for reception on Star Wars sites, I generally only post on's fan art forums. It's a fairly small group of active posters - smaller still the group who actually posts anything in my thread, but I do know there are people there who enjoy them so I keep posting. It's still largely focused on traditional and 2D artwork in general. Additionally, there was some confusion for a time as to whether or not fan art was allowed on the message boards. Some parts of it said it was, others said it wasn't. Even once it was made clear that it's ok in mid-2007, a lot of my artwork is a little too racy for the site. I always find it hypocritical that they had the photo of Oola yet my own rendition could never be posted b/c of "nudity". I had a similar issue w/ the Star Wars Galaxies fan art section. However, I did have a few images go up into SWG fan art.

I do realize, and perhaps should have mentioned, that some people only visit here, and that's fine! In fact, that's pretty great, because it means RadiantCG is serving its purpose! A lot more people do stop by to look than just comment, that's why I make sure to thank you guys who do with every image I post.

'rotica's not a place I normally go, but I may have to take a look for this guy's Darth Talon. If he's already done such a great job, how am I supposed to follow that up? XD That's ok though, there's still plenty of Twi'leks out there to be made.

Yuthura Ban's tattoos I think are an order of magnitude even harder than Darth Talon's. Talons are saved by the fact that they are largely simple, angular shapes. Yuthura Ban has more elaborate patterns, like Ciel's (which came as part of her texture), only far more extensive.

Edit: As for Shina's peril, no she'll never get into quite the same type of trouble Chimera puts his girls in, but it'll probably be a situation in which she'd rather not be!

Thanks again to everyone, I'm glad that you're still finding things to enjoy and reasons to visit my little corner of the web. :)
01/04/2009 04:44 PM Offline Giolon giolon at

Join Date: 05/22/2006
Comments: 187

The problem with Darth Talon's tattoos is that they often changed slightly or a lot, depending on the artist. Also, many areas of her body are clothed, so you can't tell what they will look like. DarthHell took some artistic license but I feel he did a superb job.

He also posts at DeviantArt. His images are in larger resolution there right now. Renderotica is currently in a state of change at the time of writing this, so some of his images are on the old site and his latest and greatest are on the new site. However, they are much smaller images. He will possibly be fixing that but for now, have a look at them at Deviant:

By the way, when I was talking about people being pessimistic, I wasn't actually referring to you. :-)
01/04/2009 05:11 PM Offline Solaris_Wave Solaris_Wave at

Hope you keep up the great work, you're really talented!
01/06/2009 07:13 AM  

Join Date: 12/10/2006
Comments: 31

I am probably a little guilty of not getting your artwork in Rendocity in the charts because when I get an email I come straight here to look at it in Hi Res =)
01/10/2009 02:59 PM Offline Bonafide
happy n year

daru animated, took the hint did you? i have idea for reference man, contact me.
01/10/2009 11:40 PM  

Join Date: 01/08/2009
Comments: 3
Go, go, go Lana.

More Lana. xD
01/19/2009 11:40 AM Offline SC00PTRX

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