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Blonde or Blue?
Blonde or Blue?
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Home/Star Wars/Twi'leks/Gio's Beach Birthday Bash
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Just Ciel  
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Gio's Beach Birthday Bash
Gio's Beach Birthday Bash


Gio's Beach Birthday Bash
Description: Well, today's the day yet again that I turn another year older. It's turned into somewhat of a tradition for me to make a special render on my birthday. Two years ago it was a simple Daru image, last year the present wrapped nearly naked Twi'leks, and this year it's a beach bash to celebrate the last warm days of Summer (yeah I know fall started like 3 days ago). I'll be the first to admit that the beach scenery is not the best. I ran out of time and this is the best I could get it to look before my self-imposed deadline. There may be individual close-up shots from this image to follow.

I'd like to thank everybody who takes the time to look at my images and gives me the encouragement to keep doing what it is that I like to do, and especially, again, to those who have donated to help me with my recent data recovery.

Thank you for looking, and for your comments.
Keywords: Birthday Beach Bikini Daru Oola Ciel Lana Rena Twi'lek
Date: 09/26/2007 12:50 AM
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Added by: Giolon

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Happy Birthday G!

Looks like the girls made it through ok, good to see! Hope you have a great day!!!
09/26/2007 04:50 AM  
Who cares

Who cares about the background the Hotties look awsome!

Hey you think I could rub their sunblock on for em'?

09/26/2007 05:02 AM  
Happy Birthday!

Great work! Have a great birthday!
09/26/2007 08:11 AM  

Join Date: 05/22/2006
Comments: 187
Happy Birthday, sir!

Good to see that all was well with the girls for your birthday.

Don't feel too disappointed with the background. It has done a sufficient job, within the time limit, to serve as grounding and ambience for the girls themselves. It is nice to see them all together from time to time. It kind of reminds me of fruit gums or pastilles or whatever. What flavour do you have first? They all look nice and tasty.

As well as their colours, their expressions and demeanour all look individual as well. I see Oola as the cute cheerful one, Rena as the dark horse, Lana as the confident, sexual one; Daru as the slightly shy but smouldering one and finally Ciel, as the one that needs to be taken somewhere and given a good spanking.


Anyway, hope you had a good day and it is nice to see a Summery image, seeing as the British Summer had been kidnapped this year.
09/27/2007 03:43 PM Offline Solaris_Wave Solaris_Wave at
Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday ;)
I'll take Daru, you handle the rest! :D
09/30/2007 06:36 AM  

Join Date: 06/06/2006
Comments: 22
Happy Birthday from France

As the last year, I do not write many messages (in fact I write it in no way) but I am not going to miss your birthday ;-) thus let me wish you a very merry birthday ! (In good English I hope). In the future, I would try to leave more comments on your site (positive naturally). It is not much but I owe you at least that because your images are always so great !..........? :-0 ? hey ! in the fact, it's stupid but I do not even know how old you are.
09/30/2007 03:00 PM Offline Thomas kempo-kay at

Join Date: 07/26/2006
Comments: 9
Happy Birthday !!

I heartily agree with Solaris, although that may stem more from a desire to spank Ciel or ride Rena than an artistic critique .. ;)
09/30/2007 04:57 PM Offline jubilee jubinsh at

Join Date: 05/15/2006
Comments: 71

You know what this scene needs? An R2 unit modified to dispense beer like a keg, for a little afternoon refreshment...
10/02/2007 09:37 PM Offline chimera46 chimera46 at

*Asking for nudes is not permitted*
10/03/2007 07:47 PM  

Join Date: 07/26/2006
Comments: 9
Mmmm, nude beach

*dreaming about nudes is encouraged*
10/03/2007 08:29 PM Offline jubilee jubinsh at

Join Date: 05/12/2006
Comments: 144

Indeed! ^_^
10/03/2007 09:01 PM Offline Giolon giolon at
Great work!

I looked forward for this image every since I saw the cheescake ones! Great work and happy birthday!

Also looking forward for the individual ones and that is soon! :)
10/08/2007 04:44 PM  
Yay, Beach Party!

I like the rings around the Volleyball!

Let's first foray into determining a character's...character.

Oola seems to be waving at someone...the viewer, perhaps? *not going to complain*

Daru...looks kinda angry. The way her fingers were arranged, I expected to see a cigarette in her hand.

Ciel looks nice and relaxed. I notice she's wearing the same top she had on in the "Trendy" series
*denies stalker claims*

Rena looks like she's inviting someone her look for something she lost. Or something.

Lana looks surprised; perhaps the picture is from the perspective of someone who suddenly was beamed down, and they're all reacting?

Overall, you already know; awesome pic. My only gripe is that the sand looks like concrete, but that won't stop me giving you the five stars deserved.
12/30/2007 06:36 PM  
really nice =)

awesome how great to see there is a person who loves twileks like i do :)
02/01/2008 10:46 AM  

could you invite me to your next Birthday Bash and there by introduce me to the girls. i would be honored.

You doing really a great with all your Pics. I am almost intrested in leraning the art of rendering myself.
04/02/2008 06:54 AM  

*will dream about the nudes lol*
07/11/2008 10:14 AM  
really good

Daru is awesome and so are the rest but Oola needs a little work, she looks a little hastily made so does the beach it self but other than that, just plain great, nice work
02/09/2009 08:28 PM  

Join Date: 08/19/2011
Comments: 104
I hope...

thats not a fresh body of water behind them in the soth part of USA! -beacause off that water amoemba that ate 2 kids brains!-
08/30/2011 04:11 PM Offline hibyeme

Join Date: 02/24/2012
Comments: 2
you know

i have never NEVER seen better twi lek pics then yours man exelent jobs on all of then well done
02/24/2012 05:18 PM Offline leumas

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Just Ciel  
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