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Ciel by JElwood
Ciel by JElwood
Comments: 7

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Amazing Oola
Amazing Oola


Amazing Oola
Description: Here she is, Oola in her iconic outfit and signature pose. She is the first (female) Twi'lek that the world ever laid eyes on. Even though it was not she who caused me to fall in love with them, that honor goes to Aayla Secura, much honor is deserved to this character because without her, none of the other multicolored would exist -- not Lyn Me, Aayla Secura, Ayy Vida, Mission Vao, the Twin Suns, Darth Talon, Astraal Vao, Daru, nor any of my other girls. Tonight, I bring you my tribute to Oola, based on an old promotional photo featuring her signature pose and iconic outfit. This promo image is the basis for the "iconic" representation of the Entertainer profession on the Star Wars Galaxies website. Without any further ado, the amazing, legendary Oola, the one who started it all. Enjoy!
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Date: 06/26/2007 09:33 PM
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Added by: Giolon

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Oola is starting to look more like the SW movie girl.
Is this just me or are you trying to maker her look like the orignal.
06/27/2007 05:34 AM  

Join Date: 05/12/2006
Comments: 144

Oola did get a make up update to better match the original, at least for this series of images. Whether she'll keep the eyeshadow and what not, is up in the air. What do you think about it?
06/27/2007 08:49 AM Offline Giolon giolon at
Fabulous work!

Nice to see she is anatomically correct ;D
06/27/2007 12:11 PM  

Join Date: 05/15/2006
Comments: 71

The eyeshadow works for me here, for when she's all dolled up and dancing I suppose it would make sense. If she's in a more casual scene, you may want to give her less make-up, I suppose it depends on the context...
06/27/2007 03:40 PM Offline chimera46 chimera46 at

Join Date: 05/22/2006
Comments: 187
Such beauty

Here's to the girl that helped start my horn for Twi'leks (and yes I even spotted the boob shot in ROTJ when I was a kid).

Like you, Oola was the genesis but not the actual one (Leia's bikini took front seat back then). I can't exactly remember which Twi'lek started the true passion for me first. It could have been Aayla, the Twi'leks from the KOTOR games, one of the other Twi'leks or Chimera's Sith Dominatrix. Probably a combination as it all kicked off around the same time.

It certainly wasn't Bib Fortuna, that's for sure. :-X

As for your version, the makeup looks really good on her and makes her look like the movie Oola, albeit in a much more confident, sultry and sexy manner. The look of her eyes gives her a real sizzle in this image. Plus the pose is great! This is another image that would look good showing her pose from different angles. A side view and rear view certainly wouldn't be a bad thing. I don't know about anyone else but I can never have enough Twi'lek art and you often create studio like profile scenes which can go hand in hand with multi-angles. It definitely worked for Ciel in her leather outfit.

I don't think you should use the eyeshadow all the time. Definitely use it again but not constantly using it (if that was ever something you were considering) is also beneficial. You have managed to create Oola that resembles the one from the movie but also have given her your own unique style and characteristics. In other words, go 50/50 with the mascara. She looks delicious with and without.
06/28/2007 06:13 AM Offline Solaris_Wave Solaris_Wave at

yeah... Im lover of SW and especially Twilek... She is very beautiful... in all your images...
07/26/2007 11:24 AM  
Darth Assassin
Another Twi'lek for the clan?

You mentioned seeing Aayla Secura was the reason you fell in love with Twi'leks. (She's the reason I fell in love with them too, but that's aside from the point.) Why don't you add her to the already beautiful clan of girls? Yes, it would look strange against Daru, but it's just a thought.
11/13/2007 07:59 PM  

Definitely a true touchstone to the original star wars saga
09/03/2008 01:25 AM  

Join Date: 02/13/2010
Comments: 7

Oola, along with Ciel, are the two twileks who do look the most anatomically correct, in terms of lady bits
02/15/2010 12:05 AM Offline Chaserpeach

Join Date: 08/19/2011
Comments: 104
I would..

give olla, a home, food, a bed *ahem* and NO clothse!
08/19/2011 02:12 PM Offline hibyeme

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